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Travel Excuses…And How to Overcome Them

Does it take guts to travel? Almost everyone says they dream of traveling; they want to see exotic locations, take a break from their everyday lives, and get a change of scenery. So, what keeps people from doing it more often? There are a million travel excuses that keep people from living their dreams. Here are just a few excuses, with some very practical solutions:

1. It’s too expensive

Yes, it costs money to travel. But everything costs money! It’s all about priorities. If you make it your goal to take a trip this year, you can save a lot more money than you think just by not eating out as often, or not buying as many unnecessary personal items. Online tools make it easier than ever to compare pricing, and get the best deals. In addition, a travel agent is an expert at planning your perfect trip for your perfect budget – consider hiring one.

2. I’ll do it next year

Procrastination is always our worst enemy. It works well when we have an unpleasant task, like cleaning the windows. But travel isn’t a chore, it’s an experience! If you leave it for tomorrow, pretty soon years will have gone by and you’ll be wishing you could turn back the clock to do all the things you wanted to.

3. I don’t have the time

Everybody is busy, and often it feels like we barely have the time to call an old friend. That’s why if you’re serious about traveling, you can’t wait until your life dies down – you have to make time for it! The people in your life (coworkers, family, friends) will be so happy for you. They know you need a break, and they can’t wait to see all the beautiful photos you take.

4. I don’t speak the language

Maybe this is the perfect time to learn! In all seriousness, you will definitely not become fluent in Spanish during your two-week stay in Spain, but if you try, you will probably pick up enough to get by. This excuse is more about a fear of the unknown. New places can be scary, but if you do your research, go prepared, and open yourself up to new experiences, you’ll be so much better for it.