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Trendy Fall Home Décor Ideas

Design professionals are familiar with how quickly trends can change. Each year, interior décor is influenced by fashion, society, and popular culture. As a result, the colors, patterns, and furniture that were popular last fall might not be the “in” thing this year.

Trends don’t mean the designs you create for your clients this fall will be unfashionable in a year. Design trends evolve from one another and grow from what was stylish before. You can help your clients update their space in simple ways, like adding throw pillows in a trendy color or updating the light fixtures for a new finish.

Trendy Fall Home QC Design Decor Ideas Earth Tones

Whether you’re updating a space or giving the room a complete face lift, here are some trends to consider for fall 2015!

1. Neutral tones

Neutral tones are always a part of the fall season, but this year calls for them especially. Warm, inviting spaces are what’s “in” for 2015 and smooth, calming colors like beige, taupe, sandstone, and olive are the perfect palette for creating that comfortable atmosphere. Research décor colors that were popular in the 1960s and let those be a loose inspiration for this fall (but without quite so much orange)!

2. Color mixing

Are your clients bright, colorful people whose style doesn’t quite fit a neutral palette? Colors are always in style, even when neutrals are the height of popularity. Simply choose from the colors that are trending most. For 2015, the hottest looks are vivid shades of pink, purple, green, aqua, and turquoise, particularly when they’re mixed in bold combinations. If your clients prefer something louder than a simple mix of colors, try combining a color with a bold but complimentary pattern. Of course, you should always be careful with bright colors and patterns. Clashing isn’t in!

Trendy Fall Home QC Design Decor Ideas Color Mix

3. White on white

If neither vivid colors nor neutral tones are the right choice, try something simpler and more visually clean. For bright, spacious rooms, white on white is the fall trend. Place a white sofa on a clean white carpet or compliment the stark white kitchen island with a row of angular white hydraulic stools. Using white as the base color for a room lets you accessorize with colors, patterns, and tones that might clash otherwise.

Trendy Fall Home QC Design Decor Ideas White on White

4. Wall collages

Fall 2015 is a time for personalization. One of the best ways to add a personal touch to a room is with a photo collage. We’re not talking a small, collage-style frame hanging in the corner! Help your clients choose images that make them feel inspired and dedicate an entire wall to creating a bold, uplifting collage. Keep the frames subtle, because they’re not the focus. Instead, play with the size and shape of the collage and the brightness of the images inside. Consider including your clients’ art, pictures of their family, scenery from of places they love, or shots of people and things they love in pop culture.

5. Flea market finds

If you’ve ever been to a flea market, you know that the style of what you’ll find there is a little different than what you might see at a grand antique sale. Think about rustic kitsch style and household wares from periods past, like you might find in your grandmother’s kitchen. Choose pieces that have style and a vintage air about them, rather than objects that look old, worn, or outdated. Incorporate pieces that contribute to the atmosphere you want into the room’s décor in whatever creative ways you can!

6. Incorporate collections

Perhaps a picture collage in the family room isn’t quite personalized enough for your clients. One of the most interesting trends of the season is to include your clients’ collection in their home décor. Of course, this trend might not be the best choice if your clients have spent the last 15 years collecting superhero-themed underpants. Proudly displaying their collection of vintage 45” records as a wall mural, however, is stylish, tasteful and creates an atmosphere.

Trendy Fall Home QC Design Decor Ideas Collections

7. Big, comfy sections

We’ve all sat on chilly modern sofas made of straight lines and shiny materials. These are appealing in certain spaces, but they’re not what are trending for the home this fall. When it comes to seating in the family area, fall 2015 is a time for comfort and warmth. Help your clients choose a soft sectional that they can stretch out on and sink into, no matter the style or color scheme.

8. Dine with old and new

This fall’s trendiest kitchen space combines old and new styles for a comfortable but refreshing look. Take advantage of big spaces to pair large, rustic-looking wooden tables with chairs that feature sleek lines and modern metals or materials. If there are other accent pieces in the room, choose colors and styles for the chairs that coordinate. The contrast between sleek, modern elements and classic older piece creates balance in the room.

9. Vintage style bath tubs

Have you ever visited an old hotel with a grand claw footed bathtub sitting separately from the wall? This vintage style tub is back in fashion for fall 2015. Of course, the claw feet aren’t a necessity if they’re not what your clients are into! You can even draw the rest of the décor in the bathroom together by choosing a colored tub instead of the classic ivory look. Further establish style with tap handles and shower heads in different shapes and finishes. Choose clean silver metal and sleek, straight handles to modernize the tub, or a golden tap with ornate fixtures to hit the vintage theme home.

Trendy Fall Home QC Design Decor Ideas Bathtub

10. Four poster beds

Perhaps the grandest trend in bedroom furniture history is back in style. Suggest a tall four poster bed for your clients’ master bedroom. Choose warm, neutral tones for the curtains (which you can change later for a light summer material). Help your clients choose a wooden finish that makes the room feel comfortable. Wood with a slightly worn driftwood finish is particularly “in”, and large pieces are easily reflected across the room with things like driftwood-style picture frames or end tables.

Trendy Fall Home QC Design Decor Ideas Four Poster Bed

At the end of this season, take a look back at the beautiful designs you’ve created throughout the fall. Look at the colors, furniture styles, and patterns that you incorporated this year and keep an eye on them. Knowing what was in style last season can prepare you for seasons to come!

Have you discovered other up and coming fall home décor trends for 2015? Tell us about them in the comments!