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Up and Coming Design Techniques

Everything stylish comes and goes, and old interior decorating techniques are often replaced with exciting new ones. This year, the up and coming design techniques for updating your space are largely centered on giving the room a fresh new feel without breaking the bank. Check out these ten simple decorating techniques that professionals and clients alike will love.

1. Do it Yourself

Simple DIY projects are a fun way to update a space with a personal touch. Try up-cycling a stylish old wood or wrought iron chair by giving it a new coat of paint in a color that matches the scheme of the entry way. Turn the baby crib into a chalkboard-topped desk to transform a nursery into a play room for big kids. Letting the craftsmanship that goes into DIY pieces show gives the room a comfortable touch.

Furniture Restoration

2. Get Rid of Clutter

We don’t just mean the laundry piled on the chair in the master bedroom or the files sitting on the kitchen cabinet! The number of furniture pieces in a room can clutter the space as well. Having more large pieces than necessary takes up space that could be used to enjoy the view or move more easily from room to room. Taking advantage of the space you have is great, but that doesn’t always have to be done by filling it up. Feeling cramped is never pleasant, so rid your space of chairs or ottomans that don’t get used and enjoy some breathing room.

3. The Walls are your Canvas

Of course, we don’t recommend that you let the kids color the walls with markers! Decoratively, however, your walls are a great place for expression, and you can do more with them than just hang art pieces. Try patterned wall paper half way up, accompanied by a matching color and thick accent border. This technique makes the walls a statement piece, but lets you control how subtle or bright that statement is. Making the walls decorative balances spaces with otherwise simple decor.

4. Show Off what you Like

Are you an avid fan of old Hollywood movies? Have you been collecting pictures of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe over the years? Technically, you only need three pieces to make a collection! Why not update a room with things that you already have, especially when you like them so much? Try devoting the master bathroom to your glamorous icons by placing your collection around the room. Let your collection become the theme and match the rest of the color and décor to those pieces.

5. Let the Curtains Talk


Sure, curtains are functional, but they can be decorative as well! They can even be a DIY project for people with sewing experience. Tie them into the color scheme by choosing a shade that works nicely with the rest of the room, or let them stand out by picking a bold pattern that balances a more simple space. Don’t shy away from words like ‘bright’ and ‘intricate’. These can add personality to a room that needs an update.

6. Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall (or Anywhere Else)

Mirrors can do more than just tell you how you look! Try opening up a small landing with a collage of mirrors on one wall. Maybe the beautiful vintage mirror you saw at the garage sale would make a more interesting piece above the sofa than a popular art print? Mirrors are versatile pieces that come in endless colors, finishes, shapes, and sizes. Chances are good that you’ll find a mirror that works with the décor you have, but still brings something bright and new to the space.

7. Let the Outside in

Nothing brightens up a dull space like a little life; plant life, that is! Adding different plants to the room can transform the atmosphere and give it a lively, fresh feel. Try contrasting plants of different heights or with differently shaped leaves to give the space a balanced look, or tie the plants into the theme and color scheme with decorative pots and vases. Through spring, summer, and fall, the plants will bring in some of the fresh outdoor feel, and through the winter they’ll remind you what’s beyond the cold!

8. Mix it Up.

Who says a room can only have pieces of one style? As long as the space still looks balanced and visually pleasing, there’s nothing stopping you from mixing things up a little for a quick and cost effective makeover. Perhaps your rustic cottage sitting room would benefit from a few chrome accents, like lamps or end tables? Bringing a slight modern element into a more classic room can be the perfect updating technique.

9. Break Away from the Classic

In most homes, you’ll find specific pieces in certain rooms. For example, comfortable seating and a coffee table of some kind can nearly always be seen in the sitting room. These classic furniture pieces don’t have to be sacrificed to update the room. Consider switching an old four legged coffee table for a sleek, modern piece supported by curving glass. If your style is more rustic, try a smooth wooden table that sits right down on the floor, with drawers down the sides. Look for seating that, while still comfortable, gives the room a unique look with its color, texture, or alternative shape. Your room will still have all the classic elements it needs, but with a fun twist.

Unique couch

10. Get Natural

Wooden elements are perfect for rustic rooms, but they can look great elsewhere too! Natural wood can be especially versatile. This means that the wood hasn’t been stained, glazed, or treated. Natural wood complements many colors and styles and can look classy or relaxed, depending on the rest of the room. While wood can be damaged more easily without a glaze or treatment, it also looks more fresh and clean. Whether you’re incorporating big furniture pieces or small accents, natural wood will cleanly emphasize your chosen themes and colors.

Interested in Learning More?

Keeping track of up and coming décor techniques is all part of being a great interior decorator. For more information about how you can work in décor, check out the courses at QC Design School!

Are there any other design techniques you’re looking forward to? Let us know in a comment below!