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We want you to caption this!

Here at the QC head office, we take any chance we can to have some extra fun. One of the games we love playing the most is Caption This. Check out the picture we recently posted on our Winghill Facebook page asking for caption submissions!

woman on a camel caption this

Below, you’ll find some of our favorite responses. Want to see yours added? Leave it in a comment at the end!

She spots an object heliographing in the sun. Could it be? It sure looks like it. No, wait, these weren’t the droids she was looking for. She moves along. – Darcy D


What the heck had happened?! Just two minutes ago she was in an antique shop, next thing she knew she was sitting on a camel in the middle of a the Gobi. Maybe she should have listened when the shop keeper had yelled at her not to open that book. But she had felt so strange and everything, including his voice had faded into a haze. Now blinding light and over powering heat. – Roxanna A


She had no idea where she was and how she sat atop a camel, no less. Her heart pounded as the Camel bellowed and began moving forward. She was jerked backwards, but had the presence of mind to hold onto the reins. It was so hot and she was thirsty, so she pulled on the reins to stop the camel, and peered from beneath her hand for any signs of a watering ground. At that point an oases would have offered some form of escape. – Eurika N


Dressed in these clothes Fatiema felt like she was in another world. The camel was the only reminder of her hopefully former life. Her family was way over that hill, she could see the palace in the distance. Her decision to walk away from a very lush, extravagant lifestyle was not easy. That same lifestyle was degrading, stifling and made a woman feel less than a woman. She did not want to be an object a possession anymore. This camel was her freedom. One last look at her past was what she needed to ride into her future. – Tersha M


Where was the valley of the kings? She knew it should be close. Maybe, she thought, the shiftings sands would show more of its secrets. – Mary M


No sign of life. No sign of clouds up ahead. Is that a cactus over there? Maybe, it’s just an old man by an oasis. Or, maybe, I’m going mad. – Adriana G


“I don`t know Toto, this isn`t looking anything like Kansas.” Felicia looked in every direction and all she could see was sand. Sand in front of them and sand behind them. This was nothing like the wizard of Oz, and she was no little girl with shiny red shoes.This was the only plan of escape , and she was lost , really lost, and she sure didn`t plan on being lost inthe desert. How come nobody has found her yet? Were they even looking? – Carol D

See your caption added to our favorites! Leave it a comment below or write it on our Facebook page here.