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Wedding Music Tips for a Memorable Event

Many couples might take the music for granted, but it’s actually a crucial part of wedding planning. From the prelude of your ceremony down to the last dance, music sets the tone of the entire event and keeps your guests entertained. However, planning your wedding music can seem like a lot of work, especially if you’re clueless on where to start. Here are a few melodic ideas to make your big day rock:

Don't forget the music when planning your wedding

Make a list of your favorite songs

You and your partner must have songs you both love. Make a general song list – regardless of lyrics, tempo, or melody. If you love a song’s melody but hate the lyrics, the best route is to go instrumental. After writing all of the possible titles, make a shortlist. Crash out the songs you think are too loud, too sad, too vulgar, or simply don’t jive with your wedding’s theme.

Consider your guests

This may be your wedding, but your guests are also a huge part of your day, too. If most of your guests are young, go ahead with jumpy, modern songs. If your audience is from the older generation, make sure to steer clear of rock or very loud tunes. Instead, choose mellow and classic songs. Those types are timeless.

Book your musicians early

The best time to book your musicians is 6 months in advance, especially if you’re tying the knot during wedding season. By booking too late, you might risk losing the wedding band you’ve been planning to hire. Before making a reservation though, make sure both parties know the full details before signing the contract.

Communicate with your wedding musicians

This should start before signing the contract and continue even after the reservation. Discussing with your wedding musicians – whether a live band, DJ, string quartet, or a capella singer – will help them help you make your wedding the day of your dreams. Give them the list of your suggested songs and ask them if they can play them. If you think your list lacks a few tunes, you can ask your musicians for their repertoire.

Talk with your venue managers

Visit your venue and determine what type of music you can have. If you are getting married in a church, chances are they have rules as to what songs can be played. If you’re holding the ceremony somewhere else, ask for sound restrictions or allowed instruments.

Ask for help

If you’re having trouble in any aspect of wedding music planning, you can always ask family and friends who just tied the knot. Asking for ideas from wedding music experts is a good option too. But remember, you still have the final say.

Happy wedding music planning!


Written by Melissa Page
Melissa Page is a regular contributor for a music agency that features the best
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