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What is feng shui room design?

You’ve probably heard the term feng shui before; maybe it makes you think of bamboo or yin and yang. But do you really know what the concept of feng shui room design means? We’re here to help you out.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese theory that believes the balance and energy of a space directly influence the health, wealth, and luck of the people within that space. Proponents of feng shui know that it can be a powerful design tool – it’s as much about the structure of a home as it is the objects within it. A feng shui designer will map the energy and balance of a home using a bagua map – an octagonal map that helps you identify how the different areas of the room are affecting one’s lifestyle.

One of the most important elements in good feng shui design is the energy flow to the front door. It’s important not to block the energy flow coming into the front door, and to choose a good front door color (depending which direction your door faces, red is a good one!). Once you enter the door, the front entrance is the first touch point for good feng shui within the home. Here, you need to focus on things such as the alignment of the staircase, the careful placement of mirrors, and creating a good landing space for the energy coming in through the front door (through accessories like a side table, a lamp, or a rug).

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