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Where to Find Decorating Trends and Inspiration

Seasonal trends influence interior decorators like any other creative professional. The colors, styles, and accents your clients prefer will change from year to year, or even from season to season. The metallic gold details that were popular last year might not be as highly requested a few months later. Instead, your clients might be interested in calming shades of blue and green like the pictures they found on Instagram while they were browsing décor hashtags. Clients will be happiest with a look that is unique and exciting but also keeps up with the latest craze. Keeping up with new trends, or even staying ahead of them, is a success tactic for interior decorators.

Design professionals have many resources to help them coordinate spaces that are stylish and unique. These keep you up to date on which accents, statement pieces, colors, and furniture styles are ‘hot’ right now, which ones are passé, and which could be the up and coming thing for next season.

Online resources

Home Decorating Trends

Blogs, web pages, online ‘pin boards’, and social networks can help you keep track of interior decorating trends. These resources are convenient because you can access them anywhere that you have a data connection or wireless on your computer, smart phone, or tablet. Online resources are also often one of the most useful tools for seeking inspiration.

Many online resources have notification or subscription settings. These allow you to track posts related to specific trends, styles, or decorating elements. Is there a particular theme or aesthetic you’ve noticed rising in popularity? Subscribe to posts containing specific key words or turn on notifications for posts about that particular theme. You can also use hashtags to search design elements and see which ones are ‘in’ or to gather new ideas. Many online resources even let you make lists or save posts so you can access pictures and articles quickly. Check out the online resources below and think about how they might be useful for design professionals who want to stay ahead of trends.


Online ‘pin boards’ like Pinterest or Pearltrees are very useful for keeping track of trends, organizing your ideas, and finding inspiration. Search functions let you look at which design elements are posted about most often, which gives you an idea of what’s ‘in style’. The ability to browse links and pictures lets you see examples of other designs, which can introduce you to new ideas or help you avoid trends that have been overdone. Pin boards also let you group similar posts together in categories or create lists. Keep in mind, however, that online pin boards themselves are quite trendy right now, so some of the ideas there have been recycled many times. Just because it’s popular in a Pinterest search doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most current or innovative idea.

Check out this pin about bathroom color palettes by The 36th Avenue to see how Pinterest and other online pin boards can give you an idea about the latest trends. Would you rather compare many ideas at once? Try searching an entire pin board like this one by Style Caster, filled with unique décor solutions designed to inspire new ideas.


Countless design blogs exist, many of which are very reputable. Reading a reliable blog can help you track which trends other design professionals have tried and which ones they liked or disliked. Pay attention to which elements are posted about often, which ones are rarely posted about, and which ideas or trends are rising in popularity. When you search blogs, make sure to double check what you read in each post against other sources. Keep in mind that anyone can write a blog, whether they’re professional or not.

Do a search for design blogs and see how many are at your finger tips. While you’re at it, check out The Peak of Chic and Designtripper to see how interior decorating blogs can differ but still provide inspiration and a good idea of what’s trending!

Searching Decorating Trends Blogs

Online magazines

Online design and décor magazines are accessible from almost anywhere. As long as you have a wireless or data connection, you can gather ideas and track trends from all over the world. You might find a neat trend that is popular in Eastern Europe but hasn’t caught on in North America quite yet. Many well-known print magazines also release online issues for your electronic devices. Keep in mind, however, that online magazine subscriptions cost money.

Check out the online content posted by Style at Home magazine. You can see how an online magazine subscription can help you easily track popular trends.

Facebook groups and décor forums

Social networking platforms and forums can be very useful for seeking feedback from, or exchanging ideas with, other professionals. You might consider suggesting a trendy DIY décor project to a client but then see a post in a forum where another professional who tried it recommends against it. Social networks are interactive, letting you engage with that person to learn why their experience was negative. Networking with other professionals online helps you make informed decisions. Facebook groups and other networking tools also let you seek advice and support about staying inspired and keeping ahead of trends, or provide support to others.

Print resources

Local newspapers and magazines

Magazines and newspapers from your local area give you perspective about trends that are popular in your community. You can assess which styles and design elements your clients might be interested in based on their neighbours’ homes and decide what you can do to make their space unique. Printed magazines are available on an international scale, but they cost money to subscribe to and ship. Local publications might be available for free and will give you a “home grown” point of view.

Networking resources

Workshops and conferences

Some of the best networking opportunities for design professionals take place at industry workshops and conferences. You’ll be able to network with other décor specialists, learn where they seek inspiration, and discuss how to deal with rapidly changing trends. Workshops and conferences are a chance for you to learn and improve your skills.

Home Decorating Trends Workshop


Tradeshows are a great opportunity to network with vendors from your area or around the world. You can browse the different products and services offered by design and décor vendors and gather new ideas based on their most up to date merchandise. If you are the only design professional in your area who attends a tradeshow, you might be the first to try something new!

Practical resources

Spaces near and far

The best design professionals seek inspiration wherever they go. You can gather ideas, tips, and tricks in your daily life or when you visit new places. Which parts of a space are interesting and make you feel inspired? Do you see variations on a popular trend that you enjoy? Are there elements of the overall décor that you’d avoid? You can learn something new from every space you visit, whether it’s an interesting color scheme in your dentist’s office or a vintage framing style in the historical manor home you saw on holiday.


If you keep an open mind about where design inspiration can come from, you’ll find it just about everywhere you go! This outlook, combined with a good idea of current trends, will help you stay creative in your design process.

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