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Why Classic Weddings Trump Trendy Weddings

classic wedding

When it comes to wedding decor, classic is usually best. I know some of you will argue that classic can be boring, and it can be. But so can a wedding in which the decor has gone the complete opposite direction and the decorator has gone overly trendy. Read on to learn why, in my opinion, classic weddings trump trendy weddings – most of the time.

The thing with trends is that many people don’t know when they’ve gone too far. Let’s say you want to have a zebra print theme to your wedding. This could be fun, but it could quickly turn into a room so striped and black and white that your guests soon feel dizzy! Incorporating trends, prints, and of-the-moment colors isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just so long as it’s done tastefully. You wouldn’t want to deck out the full bridal party in head-to-toe zebra print. The bride probably shouldn’t wear a zebra print sash. The table clothes shouldn’t also all be zebra print. Not only will this look a little too busy to guests, but you might not always like zebra print and your photographs are really forever.

When I say “classic is best” I don’t mean everything should be black and white. I more so mean “simple” and “polished”. I’m all for someone wanting to incorporate zebra print into their wedding if they truly love it, but I’d suggest it be done by having the bridesmaids (and maybe even the bride!) wear a zebra print shoe. That way, they can expose it for photographs to add a little flair and guests will see them when they’re walking and dancing. But, you can also snap a few photographs with the shoes hidden to ensure you’ll love your pictures for decades to come.

The groomsmen could alternate, every other man wearing a black tie and the in-between wearing white ties. Instead of full zebra print table cloths, you could use the napkins as a change to integrate the print – or maybe you’d rather go for a zebra print ribbon around the center pieces. The options are endless, but less is definitely more.

When you think of a classic wedding, you should be able to picture something that is well balanced, tasteful, pleasing to the eye, and will look fabulous in photographs for more than five years. Imagine if in the 1980s you had an acid-washed themed wedding. I’m betting you wouldn’t be so fond of the idea now, and would probably opt to tuck away your photographs rather than put them on display. Color and texture is another fun way to integrate trends while keeping everything balanced.

Let’s say you want an under-the-sea themed wedding, for example. Instead of mermaid and fish printed linens, you could fill the space with different hues of blues and greens, bring coral in through the center pieces, and opt for a ceiling full of clear and light blue balloons to symbolize bubbles. Trust us, your guests will “get” it without the theme being plastered everywhere. Plus, it makes it a little more fun if they don’t – they’ll love trying to figure it out and will feel accomplished when they do.

Don’t forget, also, that you can establish a wedding’s theme and color scheme well before the actual event. You’ll have the invitations (and perhaps even save-the-date cards prior to the invites), bridal shower(s), and the added plus of social media.

At the end of the day, it does really come down to what makes you happy. This article is written completely in my personal opinion, although event and wedding planning professionals are likely to give similar advice. Some people will love zebra print for 30, 40, and even 50 years. Some people will find “classic” boring, and want to do something more extravagant to match their style. With that being said, I’d love to know… what do YOU think?