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Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

When you’re just starting out as a wedding planner, it can be difficult to find new clients. Some people don’t see the value in paying someone to do a job they could do themselves. That’s why you have to sell yourself! A great place to start is by advertising reasons why someone should hire a wedding planner. We’ve compiled a list of the top four reasons why a potential client needs to hire a wedding planner. Check them out, and tweet us your own.
four reasons why to hire a wedding planner
Save Time

With all the little details involved, planning a wedding is a huge time drain. It’s been said that it can take an average of 200 hours to plan a wedding; who has time for that! At this time in their lives, a young couple has a lot more things to do with their time, so why not let their planner take care of the details.

Save Money

A common misconception about hiring a wedding planner is that it costs a ton of money. Since weddings already cost a lot, this could deter a lot of potential customers. The truth is that hiring a wedding planner can save a lot of money in the long run, because planners have already built relationships with vendors. This means they’re often able to get great discounts that can end up saving the couple a lot of money.

Save the Day

You never know what surprises are going to spring up on the big day. Maybe the DJ got sick, or the best man got lost on his way to the ceremony. An anxious bride and groom do not want to be worrying about these little crises on their wedding day. A wedding planner is there to make sure the event goes as smoothly as possible.

Save Your Sanity

The wedding day is supposed to be one of the best days in a bride and groom’s life. They should get the chance to enjoy it! A wedding planner can do all the organizing and worrying for them, both before and after the event. That makes sure the couple gets to have fun at their own wedding.