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Winter Décor Tips

A change of season is the perfect reason to switch up your interior décor and try something new! When the cold and darkness of winter set in, making a few small adjustments can not only brighten up the room, but also keep things feeling cozier! Seasonal adjustments are also very versatile. Adding little budget friendly accessories can be a quick way to give the room a wintery feel just for that season, while bigger investment pieces can be used to change the atmosphere of your home every year. Try some of these decorative tricks to let the charm of winter in, while still keeping the cold out!

A cozy fireplace

On chilly winter nights, nothing beats the warmth of a fireplace at home. For some people, the ability to lounge in front of a real flame any time they like is worth the price, effort and risk of installing an actual fireplace. Those seeking a lower maintenance option but still hoping for that permanent warm center piece might prefer a large electric fireplace. These are an investment that can be used each year without restructuring the room or increasing the risk of house fire quite as high as a real open fire. For a more temporary and cost effective option, try a smaller portable electric fireplace. This way, the warmth can be moved throughout the home or stored away when the weather warms up, but the heat provided is more authentic than that of a cheap space heater. Any of these options offers a seasonally stylish way of keeping a little warmer than usual.

Winter Fireplace

Warm rugs on cold surfaces

Stepping onto wooden or tile floors on a cold winter morning is enough to wake anyone up too quickly! Adding thick, comfortable rugs to these surfaces is both fashionable and functional for the winter months. Not only is a rug an opportunity for some new texture and color in order to update your interior decor, but it also insulates the room and decreases the number of cold, bare surfaces that you’ll have to walk on before the house warms up each morning. Try placing rugs of different colors, materials, and weights in the entry way, bathroom and kitchen for easy but diverse looks throughout the house. Choose a neutral, hand woven wool rug for a more classic investment piece, or a brightly colored rug made of simpler material for a trendy, more affordable accent piece. When the mornings get less bitter and the floors feel less icy, roll the rugs up and store them away for next winter’s brisk mornings!

Stylish throw blankets

Throw Blanket

Once again, fashion and function can be balanced throughout the house by using throw blankets as both a temporary solution for the chills and a seasonal change in aesthetic. Place blankets of different thicknesses, materials, and colors throughout the house, draped stylishly across chairs, hung on the backs of sofas, or folded nicely on foot stools and ottomans. Not only will the blankets give a cozy, cabin-like feel, but they’ll also be handy to curl up in for visiting guests or whoever might feel a chill. Try placing a thicker blanket in a warm winter color on the end of a bed for the guest who gets cold in the night or laying a large blanket in more a cheerful hue on the couch to brighten up the room while you share it with a loved one during a movie. When the weather gets warmer, pack the blankets away for next year!

Insulate with drapes

Even in new homes with good seals, heat can escape through big windows and cold air can make its way into your home. One stylish way to control this is to swap your light curtains for thick winter drapes. This will both help keep cold air at bay, and also provide an opportunity for yet another winter décor accent. Choose a heavy textured material in a deep purple, green, or burgundy to physically and aesthetically warm up the room, or thick smooth fabric in an accent color that coordinates with the rest of your scheme. With such a visible adjustment, try not to choose something too bright in the middle of winter, or the drapes will look out of place and out of season. When things begin to thaw, you can choose to simply draw back the drapes to let in air but keep the color, or switch them completely for an airier spring fabric and shade!

Balance colors, textures, and materials

Each of these decorative techniques has involved choosing seasonal colors or fabric weights and textures. Even if you’re not adding or changing noticeable pieces like large rugs and living room drapes, playing with small bits of color, texture, and material can be a simple way to make subtle décor changes for a new season. Choosing different combinations can enable you to incorporate a wintery atmosphere into your room without letting it feel cold like the weather outside. For example, placing comfortable white throw pillows that are reminiscent of the snow adds a nice season-appropriate touch, but the décor can still be kept warm by placing a decorative bowl made of dark wood on the coffee table flanked by deep burgundy candles that give a slight cinnamon scent. The colors and textures balance the look somewhere between letting the season in, and keeping the cold out.

Balancing Textures

Lights for decoration and function

During the darkest time of the year, changing the lights in a room can, once again, be both functional and fashionable. Darkness comes earlier in the winter, so the actual need for more light in most rooms is increased. Lights for decoration, however, don’t have to just be for Christmas! Try a small new table lamp with a warmly colored shade that matches your other winter décor, or a string of small, subtle icicle lights framing the bed’s headboard or wound around the stand of a tall lamp. Adding a bit of new light will literally brighten up the room without changing your décor too drastically or expensively for one season.

Combine techniques!

These are just a few methods of changing your interior décor for the winter months! Changes in color, light, and texture will do wonders for keeping the atmosphere in your home warm and bright throughout the winter, without blocking out the beauty of the season.

Do you have any favorite winter décor tips that you use seasonally? Let us know in a comment!